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What is poetry? Some say one thing about some may say something different entirely. Billy Collins says poetry is a historic document that conveys the history of the hearts in time and place.

In other words emotions, poetry documents emotions of people through time like nothing else.

I think poetry is indeed a historical document, but rather of moments in time that the authors manage to put down in writing with their words.

Poets are painters but with words and feelings instead of colors and canvases.

There are plenty of styles, as to each poet there is his own style.

There are almost as many schools of poetry as much as there are poets.

However, the generic talk and generic rules or lack of them in a certain piece comes down to if it conveys the moment or not.

There are Haikus, there are iambic pentameters (outside link), there are tercets and even quatrains. Each one to his one. I will discuss later the meaning and coming origin of each one of those. There is also a free verse, almost regarded as no rules game.

Anyhow each poet chooses his own style and puts his heart and mind.

What are we trying to accomplish? As poets I mean?

I think that as poets we try to resolve the containment of feelings that we carry as vessels inside of us. When we can not take it any longer we grab a pen and piece of paper and write and write and write…

Then the gratitude to that emptying is a piece of art laying in front of us.

If that not a good reason to let poets thrive, I don’t know what is.

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