One tiny nightmare shall be stopped.

An elegant piece of craft should work.

The hands that have created this artwork

They really can't be topped.

String by silk string, a contraption was made

With a prayer induced - guardian of the night.

A plot to restrict evil dreams in their flight,

Tail-edged in feathers, fashioned as a blade.

Magic of old, magic of gold

Bad spirits stopped or so we perceive

There is no one who'd dare to conceive 

An evil plan as dreamer in sleep keeps it bold.

Darkness is cold, fear struck in it’s stare

Fiercely the dreamcatcher protects and defends

A keeper of dreams, until night’s journey ends

Waking as dawn, warm in the sun’s rising glare.

Adam Prockstem Smith
        &        _Poonam. V (@wordplayermuse)


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