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Bill and Ted

So tired of loneliness Chances, you lose your holiness Dust to dust if you must
But I agree I have no trust In thee, don't envy me Just burry me
I will risa again when the time is right Don't forget me my friend Hold on tight to the trend One single song will unite the land


Peace and anger they unite An explosion like dynamite Kill the groom and fuck the bride No toleration to either side
I'm a demon from down Hell Quit bitching and turn your other cheek So I could slap it hard as well No place for snowflake freak
Jesus won't abide Playing on the downside Fuck your Shabbat and Sukkot too I rot in Hell Why shouldn't you?


Loneliness... Oh, loneliness! What will I do when you are through? What will I write at dead of night? When the doom is near And the rest of the world Trembles in fear Loneliness. Oh, loneliness...

Try to

Get along while you can Get along and be strong Get along because most of us don't belong Get along...

The Search

I lived darkness's swarming heart I felt the only thing that's true The lightness of holy art
I have forgotten where to start I have built a wall between my love And my dark
Now all I do is seek for you The lonely reader as morning spark Who elevates the dark with help of holy art


Travel in time and in space Travel with mind and with grace Travel beyond human or alien race Travel to the end of all Travel to give the beginning a new call We travel together, we are one, we are whole

Lost Souls

Bullying myself around I pretend I live underground I pretend I write about divine
My little corrupt mind Can't stand The gain in the game We all lost our minds for Time to close the book And start living more

New Normal

Bullying myself around I pretend I live underground I pretend I write about divine
My little corrupt mind Can't stand The gain in the game We all lost our minds for Time to close the book And start living more

Vandal's Blood

Adherent whimsical dancer Finding solace in apathy Burning through love with hate Like a necromancer Perhaps more lonesome than most But still adverting to a skill Rather than to a kill

Fights Over Hearts

You cannot crusade it You cannot crusade it Till the moment you lie After it's over  The richman gets sober And then all of us die You cannot crusade it You cannot crusade it You gotta know because I already have tried

Bag Full of Problems

I hate to say it But I have to admit I haven't got plenty saved But a bag full of mint
What I'm saying It's me and the praying  I have to admit
Those problems  I'm praying are not the best lit

Ensemble of Truth

Mosquito masquerade The lust for more The lust for trade Opulence of blood magic In foreigner's debate
We strive for more  In never ending ensemble of truth Depicted epically on faces of our youth
Adam Prockstem Smith


Once upon a time In a subtle world of nine, Dear Lucinda through a dime To the bagger undermined And those words  Are wholesome too In the world made originally for two. Keep it simple, keep it low, Let the whimper blow away and go.

Sergeant Riggs

The Devil cries, I wonder if I should shoot The bullet between my eyes. Time passes by So does unfortunate love. I'm guessing why,  Haven't I sold my soul to the Lord. Goodbye world, or maybe not, I'll have an extra lager  And will withhold my word. 


Carved out of emptiness Shaped out of silence Into the stone Into the dream Forget the failure Walk into the light As if nobody seen


Hot as hell Where is my power up well? Hot as hell Rolling to the end of the shore I cannot ignore the temperature rise Forever more Splash and slash women galore

Try Try Try

Got a speck in the eye Not looking to fall or to die I have strengthened my 'why' Competing with birds  So I too could be free and fly But not looking to scale I just dream on to be complete With every time that I try to make a leap To the infinity *sigh*


That would be hella nice Add some sugar to my spice I need to linger
Places that you see Debris floating free I need to linger
Everyplace you go Seldom meeting souls Quests of yet unknown Prioritising your goals I need to linger


White snow in your nose Now that's quite an hysteria Get around the hut And eat some raw meat with a nut You are living in Siberia! Time stopped flowing  Like a water in a river, all life turned to ice This is far from an oasis or a paradise, That is no criteria.


Rebirth, that shape you crave. Rebirth, the mark of the naked. Rebirth, the glass half full. Rebirth, just forsake it. This poem was written by a fool Who wasn't afraid to undertake it.