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Big City

People are either lost Or greedy Or both The splendor is a delirium Of a naive mind The truth is beyond the shallow Not too friendly to a confused kind

Every Day

Celebrating life Like no other form, Stable but uncertain What's the next step in this jive I'm the mural painter Capturing the sky Playing with these words Don't ask me 'why?'


Wisdom of the youth Is often over heard Foolishness of old Is regarded as words of wise All in this world is not as it may seem And even I am, mistaken from time to time But one thing that I have learned Is worth more than any dime Is that I rather listen to my own heart Than to those who shout and cry As oftenwise their points are equal to Nye

Being Real

I don't want to be the reason she cries Some angels end in heaven But some other just miss  The paradise


Across the sea Across the ocean There has left no emotion I look a far and see no thing Worthy of reaching out  And claiming as my own


It's not whether you win or lose It's how you take it Because mistakes are to be made But only the strongest Won't let them to calibrate it


Tradition Culture It's a blunt whistle  In the wind King is to rule Not the kingdom


Going mental So judgemental, People spit out labels and tags All I'm really doing  Is just playing darts


I don't seize to surprise I am into the battle with every sunrise What is certain is that everything will pass What is not, is who will salvage all that mass?


I don't want to do it I don't want to play I don't want to be the marksman  Of today


Trusty wind Carries me home I'm yet solo I'm still alone

Be Happy

Today is 8th of March International women's day I wish you happiness And so that everything would be ok Be in the kitchen, at work  Or in personal life I wish they'd always listen To what you've got to say


Middle of nowhere, Gas tank is full, I don't act like a fool, But it's still middle of nowhere.


It is quiet now, But it is not quiet in my soul.  Some days I live, Some days I die, Falling like a leaf, Losing it all.


Circles I walk alone again Mind making holes in thinking Zen I know that pain keeps me awake I know that whatever has faded Is really fake One last attempt at silent mind One last pretense that keeps The rest so blind I keep my mind ajar Perhaps one ray of light may heal  My sickness from afar


One song after another No father Forgotten by my brother I'm tired of trying I feel like dying No means no And it all shatters my poor soul


They steal But you got a greater power A greater will You got a skill, damnit! Keep on the drill, Create! Because there is a greater thing Than was is stolen or for what they wait...


So many faces So many gazes All are looking ahead None hear the voice Inside your head You maybe alive Or you maybe dead But the truth is That voice might drive you mad


Walking on stand on byers  Carrying loud that freedom In my skull... My pocket is full of fairy dust My smoke is shifted oval I don't talk to much But when I do, Even the devil listens

Cheap Talk

Young and oblivious You don't see who is free Time to play the one The son of the men Who's done Done with the obvious Casting shadows  Just to see Who'll be the one  To let you loose