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I'm too straightforward  To handle truth Some claim I'm naive But I just choose eternal youth How come my love wasn't enough? How come her love has lost interest in me? Oh, playful beauty of simplicity! I am a man of too many voices But my reason is only one I choose to tell the truth as is Because it is what Buddha would have done


Your tender blues Makes me want to win Against the odds Regardless the sin I tend to take you there Where no one dared I bet you cherish moments Like this


That flame, The ancient burner! The purity of all Is the light that leaves a scar Of that I'm certain

Defected Kid

Lost all his mind Lost all his freedom Life is unkind Boredom of widows


The percentage of things that you do That are still important to you Should be very low by now Because you get better only in few That is the true thing that matters Should carry you through the world That shatters 


Default is a bitch Returning to old places House of your parents Your great parents Places of humiliation and concern I will break the chains For I'm not yet completely worn Money is all that matters And to make a hundred million For myself alone, I'm sworn

Chess Game

I was once playing a game of chess, My oponent remained unknown, Literally masked I planned my moves and he has laughed, I have bitten my lips and exposed my queen He took her away from me, greedily, I guarded my king and made sure He can't be trapped, But masked persona made a move And it all colapsed Devasted but daring I grabbed the mask  And took it off to uncover the face... It was me with a writing on a forehead - 'Fate' I trembled in fear as I lost my face  And this game of chess to no other but fate...


Even the darkest of the nights Becomes bright at the dawn of morning So we know that not all that good is fun And not all that fun is good We live in search of happiness But find pain, when all we have to truly do Is just let go


Get involved in manners Sweet dreams never shatter Because when broken pieces fall The complete a collage of gold

I'm back

Back in a saddle Riding the horse of doom  Pretending my destination is all gloom I don't want to paddle I'm the master of self relocation Even if the goal is to go to the moon

Anonymous Lie

You choose what dreams to see While you sleep And dreams are many  Dreams are plenty Dreams are deep Some are good Some are bad  Some are in-between Escape the heirloom Escape to see The world as is  Without me


Oh God,  If there is a way Please let it find me If there is a say Please let the right lips utter it If there is a chance  Please let my soul kindle that light And cherish it

Alpha Snail

The best of its kind I don't really mind But fighting is futile The limited mind Prescription of both The nature and the universe First to beat all other slow goes Now it is concrete  The alpha snail is the only male To get out of the pit And then die falling back into it


Deep sleep or light nap The dream is a dream The rest is crap I clap standing Like standing ovation To the life full of rest It is sufficient enough  To pass the conformity test


People come and go Such is the nature's flow Things appear and disappear Such is the cosmos atmosphere One thing is certain You can't change  Who will come and who will go But yourself you can love Without a show


Time is ticking fast my friend Save your grace and don't pretend There is a matter worthy of your hands Mind the merit, mind the phase Save yourself, save your ways One thing is certain,  You will rot if you don't move Symbol of life is there when you groove

Thank you

The dark wooden table in my room It belongs in fables Where witches fly on brooms I don't deserve the scratches It has upon it But I am grateful for labor  That has produced this table  For the use of my own two hands above it


There is a kimono I used to wear back in Japan And people surrounding me Were kind enough to let me be I hope I shed no fear, back then, On that foreign land, I trust my guts  That I have had only courage to be shed Now, that the time has passed I still wear a kimono When back to Japan I draft

Sticks and Stones

Thousand cussings return to one Your mind is vulnerable Hence you are still a Padawan Make it clear, word is just a word May it be a sound or a thought It is a by product of this world Enlightenment is beyond the concept  So free yourself, observe, That's what you truly deserve


If I ever to choose between  Bottle of whiskey and bottle of H2O I'd choose water  Because without it There is no destination I can go It gives life, it sooths pain, It protects us from the vast emptiness That will always remain