Dream about...

...Peace of mind. Most desired treasure Couldn't replicate the sense of measure For a cup of tea with a dream about Frost and thee. Peace of mind to be. 


Dominating. Then relating. Essence of all those things. Time to shuffle in and spread the drinks.


Adam and Eve.  Abraham and Sarah.  David and Bathsheba.  All had their piece of cake In Judaic land.  Nowadays their carnations Fighting to understand who is who And why is that she is holding her hand, While the boy kisses the man, Instead marrying Sarah again. 


Too tense on the allegory I write my own story Like everybody does But not quite as with jazz.  Time to save the savior Time to rescue the refugees One step to bedlam One step to life that's more than just a breeze. 


One tiny nightmare shall be stopped. An elegant piece of craft should work. The hands that have created this artwork They really can't be topped. String by silk string, a contraption was made With a prayer induced - guardian of the night. A plot to restrict evil dreams in their flight, Tail-edged in feathers, fashioned as a blade. Magic of old, magic of gold Bad spirits stopped or so we perceive There is no one who'd dare to conceive  An evil plan as dreamer in sleep keeps it bold. Darkness is cold, fear struck in it’s stare Fiercely the dreamcatcher protects and defends A keeper of dreams, until night’s journey ends Waking as dawn, warm in the sun’s rising glare. Adam Prockstem Smith         &        _Poonam. V (@wordplayermuse)


The time passes by... We are not birds, We haven't learned to fly. I feel like collapsing again. My super sad silly friend... My purpose is like lion's mane.


Like a raging fire These emotions egnite your soul Pour some whater on them feelings Rather let peace be thine spirit  Let it contain thine whole.  This is true courage.  Quiet for them all. 

Оṃ A Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhīḥ

Little wisdom and small mind Grow together to an older kind Grand wisdom and great mind Contain the world universe was made to bind

Beat It

Tenacious soul. Can you control, your fall? One slick excuse, Again you lose. Bulldog is bruised, All tricks you have used. Get up and fight! For your exceeding right. Get up and brawl! It's better than falling and crawling to hall.


The day is almost over And I'm still sober Does it mean a waste of water, I used? The day is almost over My sentiment is sober Isn't it's the time I again misused?