Biblical nonsense

People buy and sell Jesus wouldn't fair with it well Prophets pop up like mushrooms after the rain I would rather be reclusive and keep myself pet's friend Instead of going around trying to save the world Save yourself first, then let the world take care of its own It's way bigger than your own ____________________________________________ Learn to earn money with your poems:

The tantrum

People have anger issues all the time However, we don't like to find The flaws of our own minds People blame the dogs, the cats, the whether And even the universe for all their slack However, the truth is it's not lack of luck It's the lack of mind to get unstuck _____________________________________________ Learn to earn money with your poems:

Sure fire way

You can't beat them, Join them, Improve don't reduce Refuse not the salvation Eventually it will come back to you Regardless your generation ___________________________________________ Learn to earn money with your poems:

The returning

  The time has passed by I stood up and hoped to fly However, the dream was over, And lagging I fell back to my bed Like many of us do ___________________________________________________ Learn to earn money with your poems:

Street Girl

Bon appetit! She can't hear no shit I wonder what her headphones play I doubt it's a love song Because she is pretty lonely, I'd say, I'm lonely too, but I'm okay, She deserves better, But she is indifferent to my say

Line 52

Gonna wait for fifty two Until I'm back and I see you This line is like a little charm of mine Tends to drag me through the town I guess it will be gone When I am not around See you down town, baby, There is no maybe in my book Just look!


There is no magic in the sigh Look at the sun shining up high You don't want to leave  You don't want to die There is no magic in the sigh


Never had a real family Never had a real home I'm my own family And books I write Are my only true home


Even the big bettor Should sometimes get her, Not talking about the youth, They always have nothing to lose, Talking about the older gentlemen, We don't have much going, Besides our pre-existence plan So where the penny must go Some kind of show must come out, you know


My thoughts of you still remain As you indulge in your secret pain I don't know much but I overcame The burst of tears in your sacred name Let's play this mortal game without shame