Brandy, whisky, wine, Any drink you want  To make you mine. Mindful, apologetic, kind, Any mood you need To switch off the grind.  Purple, black or white Any color to brighten up your light.


Boobwise she is nice I'm a dick from paradise Future could be brighter  If not for a drinking vice But sunbathing shades Keep us lighter than the urn or the vase In tact I march towards the craze Of forbearing tomorrow


Popularity is an illusion Of being important, Transparent mind Is too quick to shoot Another one of a kind thought That pollutes the hemisphere of thinking, Clear mind is a door to a soul Forever shinning and never blinking


On planet Earth  There are creatures plenty They all feed on each other Consuming dollars twenty The mother nature has produced A variety of foods Vegetables, meat, fruits All of them comply the law  Where order in the food chain is their God


Grumpy mosquito sits on a tree Digesting the blood of a parrot she sucked Just a minute ago, they say it's a she, Only females hunt while men prefer beer And board games with kids at home However there is one good thing to state About her, she loves her husband  And the eggs she lays are top quality, For a woman of her age


It's about three And I don't have anything on my mind It's about three And I hardly have defiend  The meaning of life And the reason for the end of our kind One past three and I am as good as dying


Fast food, fast cars,  Fast women, fast thinking, Fast drinking, fast sex, All parody on thoughtful bullet time In slow motion, Mind freezes but body moves I am the dude your mama had to choose


I don't need their opinion  To feel good about myself I don't need the cheering crowds, I don't need the smiles or even the cash, I feel good enough by just being me It is not that hard to see I'm complete even if the world Still tries to force it's opinion on me


As the story goes about my woman  Is that I left her, she left me, Who cares about that psychotic spree? I keep on wondering why bodies collide, Why we met and then go bare Why this universe shuffles as cards deck I bet there is no meaning, no reason, For anything I just said


Prepare your venture for another adventure Everything is good, everything is fine I've got my own food, I've got my own time However, I'm losing it I'm losing my mind If there was ever anything to lose I lost it completely, but who am I to choose?