It's green, Green like hills and valleys  Of Schwarzenberg, I wonder what Arnold would say If he saw how green it is In winter, in Israel. 


Root for yourself, boy! Nobody will root for you as you do, For yourself, Play that movie of big success in your mind That grand mansion That cheque fast car That lady at your side The smart kids And the Labrador retriever I mean play it in your mind Without belief It still will happen

Магия Вуду

Время течет в некуда Я доживаю до чуда Или просто бутылки дна Всё что мне нужно  Это девушка которая Также заманчива как магия вуду Одинока, одна, вот только беда Что говорит мне она: "Одна, я тебя в жизни не буду!" Вот и пой свои стихи Млечный путь и небосводы  Девушка одна также заманчива  Как магия вуду, сказалы бы что  Ты кукла моя вот и терпи уколы сердца, Игла, и вовсе не жди в мире чуда

Ho, ho, ho!

Fridge, bridge, flour. Drunken Santa walked out the door Opened the fridge and grabbed a muffin, Crossed the bridge still puffing, Threw the flour on the floor, What a calembour galore!


You are a cat and I am a man We don't have a reasoned plan You are a cat and I am a man Yet there is no good enough of whiskey blend I'm a cat and you are a man Petting me a purring ball of fur What has happened to our detour? I don't question this calembour


I made a step towards adopting a cat The question is however, Who'll adopt me? I am living on a chain of dark fears In my future there is no skill There are only forbidden tears


I'm too straightforward  To handle truth Some claim I'm naive But I just choose eternal youth How come my love wasn't enough? How come her love has lost interest in me? Oh, playful beauty of simplicity! I am a man of too many voices But my reason is only one I choose to tell the truth as is Because it is what Buddha would have done


Your tender blues Makes me want to win Against the odds Regardless the sin I tend to take you there Where no one dared I bet you cherish moments Like this


That flame, The ancient burner! The purity of all Is the light that leaves a scar Of that I'm certain

Defected Kid

Lost all his mind Lost all his freedom Life is unkind Boredom of widows