You are a cat and I am a man We don't have a reasoned plan You are a cat and I am a man Yet there is no good enough of whiskey blend I'm a cat and you are a man Petting me a purring ball of fur What has happened to our detour? I don't question this calembour


I made a step towards adopting a cat The question is however, Who'll adopt me? I am living on a chain of dark fears In my future there is no skill There are only forbidden tears


I'm too straightforward  To handle truth Some claim I'm naive But I just choose eternal youth How come my love wasn't enough? How come her love has lost interest in me? Oh, playful beauty of simplicity! I am a man of too many voices But my reason is only one I choose to tell the truth as is Because it is what Buddha would have done


Your tender blues Makes me want to win Against the odds Regardless the sin I tend to take you there Where no one dared I bet you cherish moments Like this


That flame, The ancient burner! The purity of all Is the light that leaves a scar Of that I'm certain

Defected Kid

Lost all his mind Lost all his freedom Life is unkind Boredom of widows


The percentage of things that you do That are still important to you Should be very low by now Because you get better only in few That is the true thing that matters Should carry you through the world That shatters 


Default is a bitch Returning to old places House of your parents Your great parents Places of humiliation and concern I will break the chains For I'm not yet completely worn Money is all that matters And to make a hundred million For myself alone, I'm sworn

Chess Game

I was once playing a game of chess, My oponent remained unknown, Literally masked I planned my moves and he has laughed, I have bitten my lips and exposed my queen He took her away from me, greedily, I guarded my king and made sure He can't be trapped, But masked persona made a move And it all colapsed Devasted but daring I grabbed the mask  And took it off to uncover the face... It was me with a writing on a forehead - 'Fate' I trembled in fear as I lost my face  And this game of chess to no other but fate...


Even the darkest of the nights Becomes bright at the dawn of morning So we know that not all that good is fun And not all that fun is good We live in search of happiness But find pain, when all we have to truly do Is just let go