Alpha Snail

The best of its kind I don't really mind But fighting is futile The limited mind Prescription of both The nature and the universe First to beat all other slow goes Now it is concrete  The alpha snail is the only male To get out of the pit And then die falling back into it


Deep sleep or light nap The dream is a dream The rest is crap I clap standing Like standing ovation To the life full of rest It is sufficient enough  To pass the conformity test


People come and go Such is the nature's flow Things appear and disappear Such is the cosmos atmosphere One thing is certain You can't change  Who will come and who will go But yourself you can love Without a show


Time is ticking fast my friend Save your grace and don't pretend There is a matter worthy of your hands Mind the merit, mind the phase Save yourself, save your ways One thing is certain,  You will rot if you don't move Symbol of life is there when you groove

Thank you

The dark wooden table in my room It belongs in fables Where witches fly on brooms I don't deserve the scratches It has upon it But I am grateful for labor  That has produced this table  For the use of my own two hands above it


There is a kimono I used to wear back in Japan And people surrounding me Were kind enough to let me be I hope I shed no fear, back then, On that foreign land, I trust my guts  That I have had only courage to be shed Now, that the time has passed I still wear a kimono When back to Japan I draft

Sticks and Stones

Thousand cussings return to one Your mind is vulnerable Hence you are still a Padawan Make it clear, word is just a word May it be a sound or a thought It is a by product of this world Enlightenment is beyond the concept  So free yourself, observe, That's what you truly deserve


If I ever to choose between  Bottle of whiskey and bottle of H2O I'd choose water  Because without it There is no destination I can go It gives life, it sooths pain, It protects us from the vast emptiness That will always remain


Angel, oh angel, entering my life Angel, oh angel, taking me for a drive I hope we have the same destination I hope we both arrive The world is not a friendly place But with you I feel always brave

No Alternative

Gotta go swift and slow Gotta fly high and low Gotta dream big and small Gotta beat them, beat them all