One dog is black One dog is white And there is a chick that marches In the dead of night I wonder who'll go first The dog that fights another dog Or chick without mommy or ounce of hope?


One plus one is three Because humans multiply If you let them be May be even more than three or two Because who will stop 'em, Not me or you! The real question here,  Is how one will find another one  To do what both of them ought to?


What is a sword without a sheath, If not a burden to every land? What is a sheath without a sword, If not misery at hand? Like a mirror without a face, It is useless, it is without a grace. I beg you not to seek, I beg you not to lose, I beg you only to ease  Upon condition of those That you already use.

Graveyard of Mistakes

Many things are common To a mind on a path To great success That will impress the mass Now, the failure is bitter And many thoughts with actions Went astray, there is one miracle however, For you on your distant way, It is the resurrection of the fallen From graveyard of mistakes They all will take a part in a bridge building On your path to glory and hoorays

Chicken Blues

Once upon a time On a wooden porch of mine There was a chick pecking corn It was long before Z children were born I played harmonica blues And the chick danced  Like it had nothing to lose In the end of the song Baron came along and used the chick For his soup, now, that's sad chicken blues


One last remark  Of sleepless mind It says 'oh, stop please!  my thoughts unkind' Now I understand  The myth of Buddha man, It is to serve a bright example Of sleepless men land

This is I

Little doberman dog Trying to break the bones of a frog Like nothing else is so absurd I get intense with a prelude And then I blow it all on women And food like a bizarre fake Robinhood

Truth Is Not Sexy

Remember the last time  You put all your cards on the table? It wasn't the missing piece of the puzzle To complete the picture, was it? Somehow being cunning trumps being true, Screw it! - I say. Give me the chocolate chips Not the chili pepper. Lest the world suffer for your openness.

Zen Code

Passion is a lie. It takes you nowhere. Nowhere real. Reality is inside. Inside is the truth.  Truth is the key to all of the worlds. All worlds are everywhere. One must keep the truth as a light. 

Blue Lipstick

She is a remarkable woman Beauty and grace Makes every man's heart skip a beat And race towards her blue lips Pale cheeks, bronze faith, I wonder if all that is just a mistake?