It's not whether you win or lose It's how you take it Because mistakes are to be made But only the strongest Won't let them to calibrate it


Tradition Culture It's a blunt whistle  In the wind King is to rule Not the kingdom


Going mental So judgemental, People spit out labels and tags All I'm really doing  Is just playing darts


I don't seize to surprise I am into the battle with every sunrise What is certain is that everything will pass What is not, is who will salvage all that mass?


I don't want to do it I don't want to play I don't want to be the marksman  Of today


Trusty wind Carries me home I'm yet solo I'm still alone

Be Happy

Today is 8th of March International women's day I wish you happiness And so that everything would be ok Be in the kitchen, at work  Or in personal life I wish they'd always listen To what you've got to say


Middle of nowhere, Gas tank is full, I don't act like a fool, But it's still middle of nowhere.


It is quiet now, But it is not quiet in my soul.  Some days I live, Some days I die, Falling like a leaf, Losing it all.


Circles I walk alone again Mind making holes in thinking Zen I know that pain keeps me awake I know that whatever has faded Is really fake One last attempt at silent mind One last pretense that keeps The rest so blind I keep my mind ajar Perhaps one ray of light may heal  My sickness from afar