Rebirth, that shape you crave. Rebirth, the mark of the naked. Rebirth, the glass half full. Rebirth, just forsake it. This poem was written by a fool Who wasn't afraid to undertake it. 

Acting Career

I wanted them to pay But they didn't want to pay They wanted all for free So here they got a lot of me


I gonna write about that. Emptiness inside my soul And inside my head. No matter how many songs I sing or listen,  No matter how many books and papers I read and study, I remain a Zen monster who is tardy  To outline the vanity of it.

I'm Not Done

Falling over like a crow And preparing to drawn No hope, no self esteem That's what shows you lack the skills
You need calluses on your mind Keep on fighting, keep on losing So one day you would leave  All these loses far behind

Don't Want To Live

This is it This is all The day I finally fall Cluster of thoughts I cannot recall I submit to my whole And collapse like a crow

Pocket Change

It's no longer going to be enough Times are raw  Times are rough Get your shit together Kick it in the nuts If life was at it, it would have your guts Fight like a titan for mounts of gold That's what titans are being served Or so I've been told.

As Far As You Go

You have seen the scene, And I saw it too, what is obscene... Life is like a swim in a pool of mud. I praise the universe I hadn't need to step through bodies And blood. World belongs to game changers Set the rules don't be a stranger.

Here We Go

Another week Another day Another town Another up and down Treat yourself right While you get around


Piece by piece I lose my calm  I lose myself Now I better be strong Because I called upon a storm on myself.  Time to fold the imagination And take part in the brawl With reality visualization.


Tortured soul, Agony and pain, Hollowness that drives us all insane. Perhaps the emptiness We carry wouldn't be so scary, If we knew how to share our hearts?