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Biblical Revenge

Maybe with eye for an eye The world will become half blind But with a tooth for a tooth We all will just need a dentist

Great Pain

My heart was minced, Chewed, swallowed, then shat out, And returned back to me But you know what? It is still beating.

British Paradox

To hell and back again Mr. Buckingham I need a new drink As every other sinning man I want to break the floor And dance upon the fire  Of complete terror Now here me roar, Oh, here me roar

Wackadoo Blues

I'm crzay, I'm mad, I'm evil, I'm sad Would you love a madman, honey? Common babe, it's that bad! Common break my heart, I'm already half dead.

My, my...

Your fake love was never true Your remarks about me  Never kept their hold As if I wasn't torn enough Tormented by the shame You had to cut me deeper To drive me insane Bloody vessel of God Be damned unholy creature Go back to Hell My love is over for you


Athletic and poetic Kind of insane Still playing this solo game I bet there is no reason I bet there is no cause For the prohibition Of merry time loss!

Satan's Sparkle

Slowly slowly People start to understand There is no journey There is no end One hell, another We are all born from the same father, Mother Earth we owe you a favor People's death is your sweetest flavor I don't mind diying as long all men die Before me, this I call a freedom of setting Earth free.


The struggle between the powers Of shadows and light Like every story it has a begining And an end, but it is the middle That is the most interesting


I see a glimpse of hope in your eyes It keeps telling me to keep sober Not to angry Gods of old and new Some years ago I have betrayed My faith in you, alas now I regret it This cannot be fixed by walking forward I keep struggle not to give in  To villainy but it is challenging I keep on forward a pious man

I am

Good for nothing shows the time Endless pity for my rhyme Meter is scarcely kept in those lines I pretend that I forget my own mind And beget a different design Now I am the God of verse Is it destiny or plain curse?

Happy Slappy

Once upon a time In a very dark mood of mine I broke a point in line And made it underline My obscurity of mind, My subordinate compassion To the souls falling into recession I'm well read enough To say I, as most of you, Just dwindle away my whole day And find happiness this way


Turning another page Leaving the lively rage behind Traitor of the traitors  Is your own mind Be kind when you divide and conquer There may be casualties Breathing in through your inner torture

C'est la vie

You cannot break me I'm already broken You cannot shade me I'm already Snowden  You cannot inrage me I'm already the wrath itself C'est la vie my friends C'est la vie I am


She was apt To my conditions, To my heartfelt disaster On the missions I pretended not to care She pretended I wasn't there But when we shook along The ground Earth itself  Shook as strong

Mr. Hyde

So tired, So pissed, The gentleman in me dies Every bloody day The beast in me awakes And I desire to break everything And tear piece by piece everyone  Standing in my way

Monday Musings

Little body Little soul Great affirmity of whole Bigger mind Great ideas No need to break it all