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Being Supportive

Don't lose your ground Don't lose your crown Look around There is a better half  Of this town  Admit it, you like the other side Of Berlin wall you've built in your mind I guess we should learn to coexist Until the sun down


Don't be upset about not being happy It comes with time... Just empty your mind And let the needle guide you Towards your north After all that is compass You ask for a direction A gadget tested by millenias

Common Sense

In a sense we are all doomed To a degree of self understanding That our ancestors have reached We are here to prove  That their tradition can't be breached And I agree we owe them that The time only proves that leaves That grow on strong trees Owe their fible lives to strong roots


It's hard to impress An all seeing eye I do not regret but neither comply I want to live now Even though before I wanted to die Color of blood is red Like that of sunsetting sky


Rocket after rocket Time after time I have to underline We are for peace  They are for war So tell me please, Who is out of mind?


Duet of two Comfort of few Time for leisure Gratitude for knowing you, Pleasure. Insanity barrier, What will you do  When life is through with you?

Key of Life

Eating spaghetti Thinking about the pasta God I wonder how ankh is related To this mix of faiths  Uncovering the face While grasping for the grace One last sentence To find my own common space