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Circles I walk alone again Mind making holes in thinking Zen I know that pain keeps me awake I know that whatever has faded Is really fake One last attempt at silent mind One last pretense that keeps The rest so blind I keep my mind ajar Perhaps one ray of light may heal  My sickness from afar


One song after another No father Forgotten by my brother I'm tired of trying I feel like dying No means no And it all shatters my poor soul


They steal But you got a greater power A greater will You got a skill, damnit! Keep on the drill, Create! Because there is a greater thing Than was is stolen or for what they wait...


So many faces So many gazes All are looking ahead None hear the voice Inside your head You maybe alive Or you maybe dead But the truth is That voice might drive you mad


Walking on stand on byers  Carrying loud that freedom In my skull... My pocket is full of fairy dust My smoke is shifted oval I don't talk to much But when I do, Even the devil listens

Cheap Talk

Young and oblivious You don't see who is free Time to play the one The son of the men Who's done Done with the obvious Casting shadows  Just to see Who'll be the one  To let you loose 


Shining light Masterful fire Calamity  Of restless desire We shake off our dreams But the true mind Is empty one Some say we may reach it Through looking deeper inside And finding the answer To 'who am I?'

You Bob!

What you cannot get here You can get somewhere else, Don't you dare to fear Your prejudiced disaster In comparison to outer self


Miles and miles Million smiles Thousand whiles Rolling through Miles and Miles Definite times Bottomless minds Destination well known


Raise your kids Erase your memory Start a fresh New generation Pure melody

Last Breath

I die alone I die sincere I dive like stone I die my dear


Ravens and mayna Caw and chirp I can hear them trick or treat With death, my lone companion... They will devour my remains When with it I meet one last time, The sunset will be extra red And those remains of mine, Will turn into the next generation Of raven's and mayna's chirping rhyme. 


Don't have anywhere to go Don't have a place Don't have a home Reasons are all broken In my mind, solution is hard to find Seasons passing, step on by I don't think I can manage but I won't cry


Have nothing left to do We see it right through Entire nation is in a lockdown The economy is breaking down We are stuck as items in lost and found The best is hidden inside us It's time to bring it out  To break that doubt