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Family Ties

Dead skeletons in the closet Family lies Sudden surprise Outmost inclusion  Certain solution In a disguise... Matters get worse! It's all like a curse I mask myself in anonymity but truth is I am as transparent  As fragile is our equanimity.


Tomorrow. No! Today! I will write my poem then post it, today. Otherwise there is just nonsense, Because regardless what I say, I'm a poet, a writer, and in order  To make sense of myself and my words I must write... they obey, thoughts, If I say so and write today. 


She is an iceberg Lurking in the shadows of the night Making ships sink  As if there was no tomorrow I wonder how cold is her heart How cold was it when first time Vanished the flame? Some questions are never to be answered...

Willows and Pines

Sun shine or moon light rain People follow people Nature follows itself It's simple and plain. Willows and pines Stand and collect life into their trunks Into their roots, leafs and seeds... Growing steady through summer sunshine, Through winter snow. People run away but trees  Never get a chance to go. 


Don't listen to their evil whispers, You have a golden heart, It too has a voice Its own voice is in no way smaller Than that of their tongues. Keep the gold shining, You deserve it to be pure As a dust of a star. 

Legendary Casket

There laid a man of great valor  And legendary will There was a rumour, A prophecy told about him coming back To the world of living. About how he would be the key for future existence. But legend is a legend only. He laid for another thousand years. 

We Are All Fools

Being fed with a dream that will never come Being raised to believe in super humans And greater worlds.  Being told we are extraordinary when there  Are billions like us. We are all fools, we chase the material, Play the statuses charade evil game, While the only thing that truly matters Is the fire within us and how well we keep It burning within others.

Truly Great

Everything truly great was already written. Why to bother? Why to mind? Why to mold thine self  Through this craft unkind? I am asking you oh writer, Can you come with a better story than  The Bible, Illiad or Hobbit? I bet you cannot!  Why to bother copying of their greatness, Better live your life fully and only then share And shed true, original, greatness. 

History Channel

Solomon's soul Pure ounce of gold I can see you control The whole as a whole On your way out You're full of doubt Take the renaissance in your hand Make it blend and mend With Miss Universe That here now stands

Mister Whyet

"Peace and quiet!" Noticed mister Whyet.  And the labrador retriever Has appeared and chased a beaver Down the lane, bashing everything  And everyone like if he was insane. "Peace and quiet" Heard him angel up the cloud saying. He immediately composed a plan, A refrain for a situation unfolding Into a divine game. The labrador chased the beaver back, And his lace got Sammy by the neck.  She was dragged back to mister Whyet, She insisted the journey wasn't mild. Mister Whyet fell in love The cupid has shot an arrow from above. "Peace and quiet" said the God, Serving a child to a mother and a proud dad

Dead Eyes

I'm happy I'm sad  I'm good I'm bad I don't know why I never wondered The sky is blue but so am I Why do I still see you? The red rose flame brings memories back I keep on saying 'I'm not insane' but the tune Has stopped and there is no other creature More greedy or more corrupt

Ghetto Chance

You're stuck and brooding like insane Forget the words, forget the pain, Spend your time with your inner flame One might say it's just a game Anticipating the humane Recall her name Place the dice and keep on playing

Industrial Dust

Dustling among the many That falls down in obliteration Surrounded by other dustlings It may happen soon, What has been here Won't be here at noon. But some are certain it is not a full moon.  Yeah, the dust accumulates  In that dark tomb. 

Nipples From Hell

She dazed us with a smile I thought she was so urban but so wild! I thought the tender touch was a mesh Of heat and cool, but little did I know That underneath she was tortured And she was cruel. I picture her in mind when I grab a thorn Of rose... those nipples, That flamboyant pose...

Hard Truth

Hard work doesn't get you there Love doesn't get you there Education too doesn't get you there Only being sly and ruthless gets you there What is done is done I'm the one of that I'm aware

Corona Sucks!

I feel weak But I'm not sick And am not down I fight it back I fight to whack I hold my ground Corona sucks! We can't not eat any big Macs We rather fight for greater destiny We rather be one with liberty. 


Plain old tune Playing it to you Master of the rue Master of the few Money doesn't count Mommy is in doubt Why do you surround Your army underground?


Spirit in them boots Gives no reason and no fruits People tend to talk too much I belong at work in them boots as such Time passes by We are alone but we still try I stopped to wonder  And I stopped to keep on asking 'why?'


London city London town Will you greet me when I'm around? Trying my best to stay on top I wish it was as easy as bunnies hop London city  London town Hope you treat me when I'm around


The blood The tears The forbidden fears The misery of those who count The last moments before the end The memories of those who only tend The last events of men who are gone away I'm sad to wait I'm sad to say People are lost in their own dismay


One time, you write me your rhyme Two times, your lips kiss mine Three times, the world is changing its shine Four times, people dancing in the lines I escape to lonely island Where I am acclaimed Like actors from the movies I am not ashamed  Because my nature is sort of tamed


Sober In October I'm ready for a lift Time to snack And make it to the rift Sunsets Bloody sunsets They are the gift Time to wrap it up  And drive away with a drift


Swift and kind Out of stature Out of mind Wind is blowing off the signs People still indulge in what is wicked Rage makes them sick and blind


Child in me Youngster you see People are falling Failing at your calling Set me free Let me be It's all right to weep at night Grace is sunrise And quite moon at nine You'll be fine

Yeah Right

Aggravated time and space My mind is blown and so is God's grace Nonsense, a pure calamity. Are you out of mind, Wizards of creation kind? Fuck you. I'm denying the existence of sublime mind God is a mad man so is the human kind.