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That would be hella nice Add some sugar to my spice I need to linger Places that you see Debris floating free I need to linger Everyplace you go Seldom meeting souls Quests of yet unknown Prioritising your goals I need to linger


White snow in your nose Now that's quite an hysteria Get around the hut And eat some raw meat with a nut You are living in Siberia! Time stopped flowing  Like a water in a river, all life turned to ice This is far from an oasis or a paradise, That is no criteria.


Rebirth, that shape you crave. Rebirth, the mark of the naked. Rebirth, the glass half full. Rebirth, just forsake it. This poem was written by a fool Who wasn't afraid to undertake it. 

Acting Career

I wanted them to pay But they didn't want to pay They wanted all for free So here they got a lot of me


I gonna write about that. Emptiness inside my soul And inside my head. No matter how many songs I sing or listen,  No matter how many books and papers I read and study, I remain a Zen monster who is tardy  To outline the vanity of it.

I'm Not Done

Falling over like a crow And preparing to drawn No hope, no self esteem That's what shows you lack the skills You need calluses on your mind Keep on fighting, keep on losing So one day you would leave  All these loses far behind

Don't Want To Live

This is it This is all The day I finally fall Cluster of thoughts I cannot recall I submit to my whole And collapse like a crow

Pocket Change

It's no longer going to be enough Times are raw  Times are rough Get your shit together Kick it in the nuts If life was at it, it would have your guts Fight like a titan for mounts of gold That's what titans are being served Or so I've been told.

As Far As You Go

You have seen the scene, And I saw it too, what is obscene... Life is like a swim in a pool of mud. I praise the universe I hadn't need to step through bodies And blood. World belongs to game changers Set the rules don't be a stranger.

Here We Go

Another week Another day Another town Another up and down Treat yourself right While you get around


Piece by piece I lose my calm  I lose myself Now I better be strong Because I called upon a storm on myself.  Time to fold the imagination And take part in the brawl With reality visualization.


Tortured soul, Agony and pain, Hollowness that drives us all insane. Perhaps the emptiness We carry wouldn't be so scary, If we knew how to share our hearts?


Out of money Out of luck I am alone And I am stuck

Seek and Hide

I guess it's better than playing chess One little speck of truth One lie to sweeten the tooth What's the use? It's a mess.  Now that I know where you go I tend to follow steadfast I don't care how high is the mast No, I know life isn't fair if you're slow... 

The Liquor Truck

With or without you Breaking into pieces yet again You were my only decent friend That allegory came to a bitter end.  I ask myself oh why Do I even dare and try How come the knot is still there My gut to fill? I feel so empty and stuck.

Milky Way

While I waited For the world to begin, You gave me agony, You gave me sin. We crossed the center  Of the Milky Way Now I'm awoke As if there was no yesterday.


Where are you from? Where do you go? What is your soul telling you, That you should know? Whatever is the light, the mist, It all will go when you trust it the most, But need it the least.

Better Mind

One particular time I had no rhyme So I sang about Traveling the world on a dime Alone it works just fine But together you need a better weather You need a better mind.

Run and Hide

Stay with me You'll be my Italy From Milano to Roma I will call you my seniora We will run and hide Break the law and at times abide To the rules of men who only slide.  Maybe we will settle when  We find a shore with a gentle tide.


Bad things happen  To good people all the time, Nobody gives a damn Nobody puts a mind. Good and strong Prevail before it's too short Or too long, But weak fold and fall Without remorse from none to all.


Beautiful doesn't mean defenseless Look at the rose, it has thorns And as your blood flows When you grab it from its source You realize you should too Keep yourself from those who grab Your soul to overpower you. 

Looking for a Housewife

Bluntly shaking to the beat Or foreign music Stupid, weird music... I doubt there is any sympathy For a daredevil spinning In the rhythm of wanna be strife. 

Uno I

Homicide stay inside. All the valleys full of snakes Family ties just stab you in the back, Try to get away.  In and out you are played. Stay true to one man  Who isn't taking that stupid bait Your truly bruised mister me, myself and I You so much hate. 

Sputnik V

Fresh air Vaccine on the way Time to beat the virus  And hooray! Plotting on vacation anyway. 

Little Brawl

Minions with their dominions Respect you not Pull up the worldly block... Seize the pain Seize the grief Ever anxious for relief.

Hey Doll

I carry you outside, Make you crawl back. There is only one hope I'm always ready to resurrect And that is your smile and laugh The only thing any man would protect. 

Off the Road

Don't have a place to go Don't have a soul to grow Stuck on my very own Legends, they say, fly alone.

Nod to Aerosmith

Sweet emotion Pure devotion To the higher state Begin with minor  To a smaller stake You will get to the empty gate.  Just don't fall into the trap Of doing the same mistake. Cut through Armageddon For Buddha's and your own sake.


Creeping up the Devil  Making your soul slide Creeping on the inside Making it all glide Secundus is one second away From restarting his own day Tie it up like a sailor Make the knot be a puzzle of the day.


Sniffing around Useles underground Never been broken Carries it's own token British air is nice Israeli beaches are sensational Like a writing on ice

Hit It

The new line in the essence of time Periodic hell in misery mind Beg not for truth Exploit your own youth  And abuse the goal  Till you hit it loose

Every Damn Day

I don't know any longer If my compass shows the right direction I don't know if I get stronger Because I'm so used to action... Pathetic is a life of a lier Not so the life of a writer. Life of a writer is an ominous Fight with thought about no action. 

Don't Try

No matter how hard I try No matter how often I nourish my 'why' I'll still be this weird kid with an idea That I thought it was worth for to die Every little step I make Turns into misdirection Every little wall that break Being scrapped and built as a bigger one. I don't know any longer If my compass shows the right direction I don't know if I get stronger Because I'm so used to action... Pathetic is a life of a lier Not so the life of a writer. Life of a writer is an ominous Fight with thought about no action. 


Believe it or not But life continues After the dot. It may not always be a happy ending But it's certain that we all race For that golden ingot, So be it! 

Wake Up Call

The final countdown Before you go to sleep Before you wake up And begin your week. Time to open your eyes And see World isn't free But still a nice place to be.